Whole fruits, vegetables, your favourite dairy and superfood well blended into a delicious and nutritious cup.

(Medium $6.90, Large $7.90)



(Banana, Milk, Honey, Bee Pollen) 

Energy, Anti-oxidant, Muscle repair 


(Papaya, Milk, Honey, Bee Pollen) 

Digestion, Anti-oxidant, Skin health 


(Avocado, Milk, Honey, Cacao nibs) 

Boost immunity, Fibre, Anti-oxidant 


(Açaí , Milk, Banana, Strawberry) 

Detox, Energy, Anti-oxidant , Anti-aging

Beauty Junkie 

(Mixed berries, Coconut water, Lemon, Mint, Chia Seed) 

Anti-oxidant, Beauty food 

Green with envy 

(Spinach, Celery, Apple, Kiwi, Soy) 

Metabolism, Energy, Fibre 

Extra toppings at $1 each

Choose from the following:

Whey protein

Chia seed

Goji berry

Bee pollen

Cacao nibs

Spirulina powder

Maca powder

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